28th June 2017

A selection of home decor accessories to create an interior space inspired by The Ned hotel, London. Marble accents, paired with monochrome, emerald green and ruby reds are set off against brassy finishes.With its sea of desirable, luxury hotels and stylish venues, London is a great place to draw interior inspiration from and often my first port of call when contemplating a new scheme.

In this post, I will be looking closely at the newest, freshest city hot-spot – The Ned. It’s cool. It’s corporate. It’s very city-slick. (If you prefer a soft, muted look and feel, my Palm Court at the Langham post may also be of interest).

The Ned, recently launched in The City, started life as a bank – The Midland Bank – awash with cashiers and tellers. A hive of financial activity. A grade 1 listed building, beautiful original features such as the glossy, green verdite marble pillars remain and are the foundation of The Ned’s classic look and feel. This is a space that does not appear ‘over styled’, over-engineered or ‘too new’; it breathes history and encapsulates timeless elegance. It respects tradition and it’s the perfect place to draw interior inspiration from.

The Ned London, Nickel Bar tea. Chic, elegant interior inspiration in the heart of The City.I, of course, found some time for a spot of tea whilst taking in the beautiful architecture and sheer presence of the space


The Nickel Bar at The Ned Hotel, London. Elegant tipples can be enjoyed in the city-slick surroundings.The Nickel Bar was a great source of interior inspiration. Love the gentleman’s study bar-stools. More on studding in a previous post

The Nickel Bar is just one ‘zone’ within this largely open-plan space. It’s set to the back-left of the monochrome central walkway – or rather, runway, depending on the time of day and arrival of the beautiful people.

The standalone bar, clad in walnut wood with decorative panelling and flanked by dollar-green Corinthian-topped pillars, is reminiscent of Edwardian British elegance. In fact, the space gave me vivid recollections of Jane and Michael’s bank visits in Mary Poppins. (The original bank vaults-turned lounges, on the other hand, feel distinctly more Bond).

The old bank vaults have been transformed into private members' lounges at London's trendiest hotspot - The Ned.

The exclusive, members-only bank vaults have a cool, Bond-villain vibe

The overall scheme combines monochrome with brass/gold tones, accented with emerald greens, ruby and russet red. It’s very 2017 considering it’s largely styled on century-old design. The monochrome tiles and parquet flooring particularly appeal to me, as they encapsulate what ‘timeless elegance’ really means. In fact, trusted black and white – the incredibly hardworking duo – will never tire or go out of style. The brass is absolutely contemporary; gold tones have had a total resurrection and appeal to a modern audience across fashion and interiors. The panelling also looks incredibly fresh and current, whilst maintaining a historic feel.



Although we may not all be blessed with sky-high vaulted ceilings, vast floor-plans or perfectly restored period features in our own homes, there are ways that this dramatic look can be incorporated into any space. Firstly, we must break down the key elements that contribute to the overall scheme and then we should consider how best to implement them into an alternative interior (your home). I always find that accessories or select pieces work a treat – a little ‘nod to Ned’ – but this is a look that you can fully invest in too.



Green marble detailing at The Ned Hotel, London. A former bank, The Ned oozes sophistication and class and is steeped in history.

Green marble columns are a huge source of interior inspiration and very 2017

Marble, be it white Carrara (off-white stone with grey veining) or the newly revived emerald or terracotta varieties, is at the very centre of The Ned’s design. And, whilst most of us may not have space for an enormous marble-slab home bar (jealous, much?!), this elegant natural stone is very accessible in different guises, at a number of price points. It can quickly inject a classic contemporary flavour into your scheme, whether you choose a statement side table or some accessory accent-pieces.





The stone floor is totally entrancing and beautiful

Monochrome anything always enthuses me – there is just something so appealing about the dynamic interplay of these stark opposites.

A slice of black and white can work its way into most schemes with somewhat ease. Or, just using black alone is a great way to ground your design. Choose black-framed artwork to contrast with a lighter wall colour and reference elsewhere with punchy, accent pieces. A black and white chevron rug or patterned floor tile is always a great way of injecting some cool and is ever-stylish. Whimsical illustrative pieces in black on white are having a moment too – think original Alice in Wonderland inspired illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.  Have some fun with accessories and lighting too. Throw some gold in to give your scheme an edge – it works beautifully with both black and white (more of this in the next post).





The check/bill at The Ned Hotel, London. A former bank, The Ned oozes sophistication and class and is steeped in history.‘Check please’


In this post, I have covered two key areas of inspiration from The Ned – marble and monochrome detailing – with more to follow in Part 2. Keep your finger on the pulse by subscribing to the GIRL ABOUT HOUSE mailing list (at the bottom of all posts) and never miss an update.

Despite The Ned’s traditional feel and historic references, the design promotes active trends and feels surprisingly fresh. It is both reflective on the past and engaged with modernity. With that in mind, I will leave you with a peek at The Ned’s express nail bar, Cheeky Nails, and it’s quirky neon pop!

The Ned's 'Cheeky' bar is an express mani-pedi service for the busy professional. Set amongst traditional architectural features and steeped in history, the neon signage adds a fun twist.If you ever want to add some ‘crazy’, throw in a neon sign

What’s your interior inspiration? A swanky hotel, industrial restaurant, luxury spa – or perhaps something else entirely?

Girl signing off,

Sarah x





  • This is now a place I’m really keen to visit – love the look and feel of the hotel.
    The marble accessories you’ve suggested have helped me make some decisions with my own home

    • Hi Jan, thanks for your comment. If you love timeless elegance and stunning period features coupled with delicious food/drinks then this is the place for you! I’m really glad that the post has inspired you – do love a bit of marble! It would be great to hear how to use the pieces in your space. Enjoy it!
      Sarah x

  • You have a nice thing going on. I love how you displayed everything.

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