11th June 2017


Hello, I’m Sarah. A residential interior designer working in and around London, mum of two little boys and a lover of beautiful places and things. I’ve finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging and am delighted to welcome you to GIRL ABOUT HOUSE. It’s something that I’ve had in the pipeline for a while, although, running my own interior design business, alongside mum-duties has historically left limited time. As something I was incredibly keen on doing, I decided to take control; I’ve cut back on box-sets, sleep, a social life (don’t I sound fun?!) to enable this to happen but I’m delighted that it has.

The thing is, I just LOVE discussing interiors. I love sharing ideas, discovering new products, forecasting and examining future trends, experiencing spaces. Clients often ask me where I draw my inspiration from. In truth, from anything and everything.



When it comes to designing a space, I think it’s intrinsically important not to work in a vacuum. I get out, about town (or country); seeing, experiencing. This is fundamental for me because, regardless of the design brief, inspiration is key. I avoid creating carbon-copy designs and feel that every space should have something fresh and original about it. And that is why I have created GIRL ABOUT HOUSE.

The purpose of this blog is to bring inspiration and ideas to you and to assist in translating them to your own interior. We don’t all have enormous properties, sky high ceilings, spiralling staircases or multi-million pound budgets to totally overhaul our homes. But, there are ways and means to take inspiration and beauty from the places we visit and experience – grand hotels, trendy eateries – or looks we lust over on Pinterest or Instagram and make them our own, transferring the look (or aspects) to our own homes.


Interior Design. We will discuss interiors – a lot. Each blog post will address a new inspiring space or source of inspiration, break it down and offer solutions to enable you to the incorporate the look into your own home. With each post, I will be sharing key products, in-line with the look and feel of the images or inspiration discussed. This will give you the opportunity to embrace the design full throttle, or just use accessories and accent pieces to refresh.

Outside of the regular blog posts, my edit of interior accessories and pieces that feel so ‘right now’ is one to watch if you just fancy a little update; sometimes a new scented candle or coffee table book really does the trick. I will also examine and break down new trends and will bring you special posts from exclusive industry events throughout the year.


I have emphasised that I don’t like designing in a vacuum and that goes for blogging too. So let’s chat. I’m a people person; I love discussion, collaboration, feedback. So please don’t just read. Subscribe below for updates, get in touch, leave comments and share with friends. More importantly, feel free to make suggestions on places that I should visit or discuss and break down. You’ve just been to Ibiza and loved the cool, paired back feel; the chilled vibe – how on earth could you translate that to a city bolthole? If you would prefer to email me, please do; sarah@girlabouthouse.com

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s do this!

Girl signing off,

Sarah x

If you have any interior design enquiries, please visit www.sarahmailerdesign.co.uk



  • Hi Sarah,

    I love the style! So elegant with a great use of colour. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting involved in some discussions. Personally I would love to see a post on how to bring vintage or country chic into a normal modern house without having it look old or cluttered.

    • Thanks Natasha, always lovely to receive feedback. Please do get involved in discussions – I want this blog to be really interactive and for posts to feed from the readers’ requests too. In terms of vintage or country chic – this is certainly something that I will be posting on. Have you visited any particular places which have inspired you to achieve this look? Or is it a style that has always resonated? Sarah x

  • Oooooh i love your style already!!!! Thanks for sharing your passion and enthusiasm of all things creative! Please share your space saving tips and fav themes for babies rooms…… i need my house sprucing up… can’t wait to have you one day….what a treat! Xxx

    • Hi Philippa! It’s interesting that you mentioned baby rooms; something I discuss regularly with clients is how to achieve that Pinterest-worthy scheme. This is something that I will be writing quite a bit about as I love designing children’s and baby’s bedrooms. Do you have a preference for the post? Boy or girl’s room (or unisex)?

  • I can’t wait to

    • Lots more content on the way, Naomi. To ensure you’re up to date with the latest posts and new ‘Shop the Look’ finds, make sure to register your email address below. x

  • Adore this style and want to buy everything you’ve put together. Can’t wait for more posts!

    • Thanks for your comment, Charlotte. Your credit card may not thank me for this blog but hopefully you’ll enjoy the updates!x

  • Stunning blog and what an eye! Excited to read more and hopefully have you design my house one day!!

    • Thanks Claire, really lovely of you to say! There will be lots more to read; currently underway writing loads more material and curating the best product selections. Let me know if you’d like me to focus on a particular source of inspiration or ‘look’ for a future post as I’d like GIRL ABOUT HOUSE to be as interactive as possible. x

  • This is the start of something very special…step aside Kelly Hoppen!!! Love your effortless style and can’t wait for more!

  • Inspirational and stunning! I can’t wait to read and see more. Not only a feast for the eyes, but very practical ways of incorporating ideas to fit your budget and style of home all written in a very approachable way.
    Thanks Sarah! I feel a new addiction coming on!!
    In terms of what I’d love to read your views on is how to tackle displaying family photos in an original way, especially when your dynasty is growing! Also ideas on buying/displaying/investing in art to create a focal point in a room.

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